5 Best Movies Similar To COVID Pandemic You Should Definitely Watch

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A scene from the 2004 zombie comedy “Shaun of the Dead.” Rogue Pictures

Amid the COVID pandemic, social distancing and quarantine are being considered the most crucial social exercises that could safeguard us from being affected by the virus. Several films have depicted a similar storyline about widespread viruses, plagues, and diseases. While we are most unlikely to witness a zombie invasion or an alien-borne pathogen, however during this COVID crisis, people have started seeing pandemic movies in a whole new light.

Here we have listed out some of the great movies on disease outbreaks that you must check out while you are staying home to protect yourself from the COVID virus.

MEV-1, Contagion (2011)

If you are looking for a pandemic movie with a realistic plot then MEV-1 Contagion would be the perfect choice for you. The film’s plot depicts the outbreak of widespread disease, Gwyneth Paltrow dying. While watching this movie you can surely relate to its scenes with the real-life situations that we are currently dealing with amid the ongoing pandemic.  In this movie, we can see official authorities working tirelessly, taking every precaution, and coordinating with the WHO and CDC to develop a vaccine that can protect mankind. This movie is critically acclaimed and is one of the highly watchable movies in this genre.

Krippin Virus, I Am Legend (2007)

I am legend

This is an epic thriller movie that stars Will Smith walking through an isolated Manhattan and alongside his German Shepard. This film showcases cannibalistic mutants who happen to be humans infected by a virus that was actually engineered to cure cancer. Upon its release, this film went to become a commercial hit & is positively reviewed by critics & the audience. This movie isn’t exactly about pandemic nor it is a zombie movie but we can guarantee that you would surely be thrilled.

Solanum Virus, World War Z (2013)

Speaking of movies that depict a virus outbreak, World War Z would be one of the highly recommended films. The film’s plot depicts the outbreak of a zombie apocalypse. This film starring Brad Pitt is an absolute thriller in which we can watch him trudging through a zombie-filled, disease-laden landscape in search of a cure.

Motaba, Outbreak (1995)


This is another movie that has a plot similar to the ongoing COVID pandemic.  This film depicts the outbreak of a deadly virus Motaba & the search for one monkey which happens to be the virus’s original host. The film’s plotline can be related to how WHO determined that COVID-19 originated in bats & in this movie the virus is originated in monkeys.

Virus, The Cassandra Crossing (1976)

This film has multiple scenarios that can thrill the audience. From strangers being trapped on a train to nowhere to a deadly virus, this movie makes the audience sit on the edges of their seats. However, the only similarity between this film & the current pandemic situation that we are experiencing is the contagious virus and the film has mostly mixed to negative reviews from critics.

So what’s keeping you wait from watching these movies? Just switch on your internet & get ready for a thrilling ride.


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