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Alfred Hitchcock is a veteran Hollywood film director of the early ‘90s and is best known for his suspenseful thriller films and television programs. Unlike the modern days’ directors, Hitchcock had a long and tremendously productive career in the film industry. He’s considered as one of the legendary film personalities and his movies are highly popular among the film audience for their macabre sense of humor. Some of his highly acclaimed films from the thriller genre include Strangers on a Train, Rear Window, and Psycho. He was at his best when it comes to directing films that showcase showing the terror in everyday situations.

Alfred Hitchcock’s Early Life:

Alfred-Hitchcock Young

Alfred Joseph Hitchcock was born on August 13, 1899, in Leytonstone, Essex, England. His father’s name was William Hitchcock and his mother’s name was Emma Jane. The couple had three children and Alfred was the younger member of the family. He along with his brothers William Hitchcock and Eileen Hitchcock were raised as strict Catholics. He attended Saint Ignatius College which was maintained by Jesuits. After completing his studies, he started working for Henley Telegraph and Cable Company. It was during this period that he gained interest in movies through US trade journals and by watching movies.

Early Films:


Alfred Hitchcock made his debut as a director in the Hollywood film industry in the year 1922 with the comedy film titled ‘Mrs. Peabody’. However, the film stalled due to insufficient funding.

Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Always Tell Your Wife’ & ‘The Pleasure Garden’:


Alfred Hitchcock released his first film in the year 1923 titled ‘Always Tell Your Wife’. The film was also co-directed by Seymour Hicks. Hitchcock’s first solo direction film was released in the year 1925 and is titled ‘The Pleasure Garden’. In the succeeding year, he worked for the film titled ‘The Mountain Eagle’ (1926), a drama set in the Kentucky mountains.

Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog’ (1927):


Alfred Hitchcock shot to fame as a director in the year 1927 with the film titled ‘The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog’. The film was an adoption from a popular novel by Marie Belloc Lowndes. The film also happens to be his first major successful film at the box office. In this film, he also made his trademark cameo appearance.

Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Man Who Knew Too Much’ (1934)’:


In the year 1934, Alfred Hitchcock worked on his first internationally successful film titled ‘The Man Who Knew Too Much’. The film introduced him to the world as the new master of film direction.

Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca (1940):


Alfred Hitchcock made a stunning entry into the Hollywood film industry in the year 1940 with the film titled ‘Rebecca’. The film had a star-filled cast that includes Laurence Olivier as the brooding Maxim de Winter, Joan Fontaine as his trembling bride, and Judith Anderson as the threatening Mrs. Danvers. Upon its release, the film went to achieve massive success at the box office with extremely positive reviews from the critics and the film audience. The film won him Academy Award for best picture, and Hitchcock was nominated for an Oscar for best director. Rebecca went on to win the Oscar for Best Picture.

Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Rope’ (1940):


In the year 1948, Hitchcock worked on his first color film titled Rope which was based on the popular 1924’s Leopold-Loeb murder case. The film has a brilliant use of camera work.

 Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Dial M for Murder’ (1954):

Warner Brothers Entertainment Company

In the year 1954, Hitchcock worked on a film which is an adaptation of a Frederick Knott play. The film which was titled ‘Dial M for Murder’ went to become a major commercial success upon its release. The film had a brilliant cast that includes Grace Kelly playing the role of a straying rich wife whose jealous husband (Ray Milland) first tries to have her killed then frames her.

Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’ (1960)

In the year 1960, Hitchcock stunned the world of cinema with his splendid thriller film titled ‘Psycho’ which soon became a cult classic in the thriller genre. The film had the famous shower scene in which Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) whom people assume to be the protagonist gets killed. The film is often ranked among the greatest films of all time and the film won Hitchcock his final Academy nomination for best director.

Alfred Hitchcock’s Family:

Hitchcock married his film editor and script supervisor, Alma Reville in the year 1926 and the couple had one child whom they named Patricia Hitchcock.

Alfred Hitchcock’s Death:

Having directed a number of thrilling films and deemed as the Master of Suspense, Sir Alfred Hitchcock passed away on April 29, 1980.


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