An independent album to raise social awareness

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The theme is cast-based violence.

While most independent albums are exploring romance and associated emotions, Kumaran of Jada fame is releasing an album with a hard-hitting topic.

Jada Kumaran

The song is inspired by the horrifying caste crimes that occurred in Vellore, Say kumaran “For a long time, the notion of a human person hurting another human being in the name of caste has bothered me. In my own country, I was a victim of casteism. I decided it was past time to take action. My major goal in creating this album is to raise awareness among young people who have been involved in caste politics.”

The song also presents the connection between a father and his daughter.

According to the filmmaker, the title of the song will generate a lot of attention. He intends to unveil it shortly, with a big star performing the honors.

In addition to singing the song, famous composer Sean Roldan composes the music.

The lead actors are Dhanalakshmi and Poo Ram. The cinematography is handled by Sridhar.

Editing by a recent Sarpatta fame editor Selva RK, Lyrics to be penned by Uma Devi.

Srinath is supported by other actors like Vijay Venkatesh, Kingsley, Manisha Jashnani, Manish, Deekshika, Ajay Karna, Bala Rajendran, Thomson.


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