10 Milestone Movies That Helped Telugu Actors Achieve Massive Stardom Overnight

Tollywood overnight Stars

Getting a chance in the mainstream film industry against all the odds and achieving success isn’t an ordinary task.  It takes a lot of hardships alongside a passion for acting, absolute pure talent and luck is also a critical factor. Many film personalities made it big in the Tollywood film industry against the odds and have built a successful career in Tollywood. Most of the actors in the list don’t come from filmy family backgrounds and have worked on their way to success by working right from the scratch. These self-made icons have completely devoted themselves to acting and entertaining their audience with splendid performances.

Here below is the list of the 10 milestone movies that made the actors hug stars overnight

Savitri- Devadasu


Having started her career as a drama artist, Savitri went on to become one of the icons in the Tollywood film industry. She was given the title ‘Mahanati’ for her splendid acting talent and received many awards and holds a special place in the hearts of the Telugu film audience.  Having started her film by playing many side roles, Savatri shot to fame with the iconic film ‘Devadasu’. The movie displays brilliant acting from the lead roles, spectacular direction, writing, and screenplay work.  In the film, Savitri played the character of Parvathi who’s the love interest of Devadasu played by Akkineni Nageswarao garu. There’s no denial of the fact that the ‘Devadasu’ movie is a turning point for the great iconic actress Savitri garu.

Chiranjeevi- Khaidi

Chiranjeevi Police Station Action Scene || Khaidi Movie
Chiranjeevi Police Station Action Scene | Khaidi Movie (Samyukta Movies)

The Megastar of the Tollywood film industry had his share of struggles during his initial days in the film industry. The turning point in the career of this iconic actor came in the year 1983 with the film ‘khaidi’. Until the release of this film, he worked in many movies as a character artist and after the release of Khaidi, there was no looking back. The film went on to become a trendsetter in the Telugu film industry and its success helped him become an overnight sensation. Besides giving him a mass appeal, this film has also given his career a much-needed boost and got him a huge fan base especially among the youth.

Mahesh Babu- Pokiri

Prince Mahesh Babu is one of the leading actors in the Tollywood film industry. Although the actor was a part of many hit films throughout his career his fans weren’t satisfied completely and were waiting for something big. It was at this time when Mahesh Babu’s film ‘Pokiri’ got released into theatres and it broke many Tollywood records and brought him stardom like never before.

Soundarya- Ammoru

Soundarya in Ammoru
Soundarya in Ammoru Movie ( M. S. Art Movies)

The supreme gorgeous and the highly talented late Soundarya garu ruled the Tollywood film industry. She became a leading actress with not just one or two but many back-to-back successful hits throughout her film career. The major turning point in her career came in the year 1995 with the film titled ‘Ammoru’. She got this role during the initial days of her film career and she portrayed her role in this film with ease and elegance. She received wide critical acclaim and success through this film and there was no setback for her ever since the success of this film.

Nagarjuna- Shiva

I’m sure no one born in the late 90s’ can ever forget the hype and Heroism elevation created by just one cycle chain scene from the film ‘Shiva’ starring Nagarjuna guru. This film became a massive success both critically and commercially and achieved cult status. This film happens to be the turning point in the life of both Nagarjuna guru and the film’s director Ram Gopal Verma as well. From being a film with not many expectations it went on to become a blockbuster receiving critical acclaim in all the departments. This film established Nagarjuna as one of the trendsetting actors.

Anushka- Arundathi

Arundhati Movie
Arundhati Movie (Mallemala Entertainments)

Baahubali fame Anushka too didn’t achieve success overnight. Before getting a chance in the lead roles, she acted in a few films in the side roles. She didn’t get many good opportunities where she could showcase her skills in acting.  It was then she got cast for the lead role in the film ‘Arundathi’ alongside Sonu Sood who played the negative role. With good public talk, this film quickly gained popularity and went on to become a blockbuster hit. The success of this film made her a star heroine in the Tollywood film industry and she bagged in multiple big film projects.

Vijay Devarakonda- Arjun Reddy

Pellu Choopuly fame Vijay Devarakonda achieved mass following among the youth with the success of the film Arjun Reddy. This film was surrounded by many controversies at the time of its release but Vijay Devarakonda handled everything with his cool attitude and the film went on to become a cult blockbuster. The success of this film made him an A-listed actor and is a really big turning point in his career.

Keerthi Suresh- Mahanati

Keerthi Suresh is currently one of the leading actresses in the Tollywood film industry. Although she was a part of many hit films right from the beginning of her career she didn’t get much appreciation or fame. The turning point of her career came with the film ’Mahanati’ which happens to be the biopic of the legendry actress Savitri garu. Keerthi’s performance in the film was a feast to the audience and she bagged the national award for best actress for her stunning performance in this film.

Vijayashanti- Pratighatana

Pratighatana (Ushakiran Movies)

Vijayashanti was one of the leading actors in the Tollywood film industry and is known as the lady Amitabh of Tollywood.  After working alongside many top stars, she received immense popularity after the film ‘Pratighatana’. The film went on to become a blockbuster and her career took a turn and from then she starred in many successful lady-centric films.

Genelia- Bommarillu

Genelia in Bommarillu Movie
Genelia in Bommarillu Movie

After being a part of a few hit films Genelia shot to fame after portraying the lead role alongside Siddarth in the film Bommarillu’. With the film being a blockbuster hit her career took a massive turn and she went on to appear in a number of Bollywood films as well.


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