Photo vs. Video: What is the difference between a photo and a video?


The human nervous system will receive and process information about the world outside in order to react, communicate, and live the life we want. Much of this information comes through the sensory organs: the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin. And the eyes are primary and play a vital role in our lives.

Before knowing about the difference between a photo and video, we need to know about the device that changed the life of art in entertainment, called the “camera.” Whether a photo or video, both can be recorded by a camera.

What is a camera?


A camera is a piece of hardware that captures images or videos and consists of a lightproof enclosure containing photosensitive film or a plate. When you snap a picture, the camera’s shutter opens and shuts, exposing the photosensitive film to light and capturing the image onto the film.

How does a camera work?

Visualize you get a flashlight and light it up in a complete darkroom. The flashlight’s light travels straight. The light beam hits an object and reflects back into your eyes at the same angle, letting you to see and photograph what’s within the room.

The earliest camera was in a room with a hole in one side. Because light reflects in straight lines, the picture would be projected on the other wall, upside down. However, it wasn’t until someone chose to put light-sensitive material at the rear of that room that photography was born. When lightly touched the medium, which could be anything from glass to paper, the chemicals reacted, etching a picture into the surface.

Digital Camera

A digital camera is a hardware device that takes photographs and stores the image as data on a memory card.

It was not until the mid-1990s that digital cameras were widely available as consumer electronic gadgets. After a few years, digital cameras largely displaced film cameras as the camera of choice for most people by the mid-2000s.

What exactly is the photo(Photograph)?


When it comes to a visual representation of an item on a computer, the majority of people nowadays regard the terms image, picture, and photograph (photo) as the same thing, but it is not true. However, for the sake of clarity, we will define each of them.

Picture:- A computer-created or hand-written drawing, painting, or artwork. A picture may also refer to anything made using a camera or scanner.

Image:- Any visible entity that has been edited or transformed by a computer, as well as any imagined object that has been produced using a computer, falls under this category.

Photo:- A photograph is an image captured by a camera that is capable of making a physical copy or digital copy of the photograph. You can store a photograph in the form of a digital copy on your computer. JPEG, GIF, and PNG are all popular image extensions used to store or transfer images from one program to another or from one device to another.

What is a video?

A video is a sequence of images called frames that are recorded, copied, played back, broadcast, and eventually displayed at a given frequency. However, by stopping at a specific frame of the sequence, a single video frame, i.e., an image, is obtained. MP4, MOV, and AVI are all popular video formats used to store or transfer media from one program to another or from one device to another.

Photo vs. Video

Flip Book

Video is made up of frames, and each frame may be thought of as a single photo(image) in its own right. As a result, a photograph is a still image, but a video is one that moves still images (frames).


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