Top Rated Malayalam Web Series that You Must Watch


The Malayalam film industry is thriving with unique and versatile storylines that depict realistic portray of life. Just like the Malayalam film industry, the Malayali web content has created its niche over the years and is attracting a huge audience base. Many web series that has been so far released in Malayalam have become very much popular among the masses.

In this post, we are presenting you the list of the top 10 web series in the Malayalam language.

Karikku Plus Two Class

This series has a beautifully written plot depicting the First and most popular web series in Malayalam. Karikku is one of the most loved content creators in Malayalam who have started their brilliant work back in 2017 and is growing ever since. This series has brilliant performances and a huge fan following.

You can watch Karikku Plus Two Class series on YouTube

I Promise RIA by Saina Movies

After the grand success of Karikku, many web series have been made based on the same comedy genre and this is where Promise RIA stands out from the rest. This series has a brilliant storyline that depicts the life of three friends. It brilliantly portrays their friendship, romance, and family with a brilliant screenplay that showcases their family childhood flashback and continues with the school. It also has a brilliant background and this series is streaming on Saina Play App.

You can watch I Promise R.I.A. series on YouTube

Janaki By 11th Hour Productions

This is by far one of the brilliantly written series. This series has a brilliant plot that depicts the life of Ram and Janaki. The series has a brilliant screenplay and the first episode ends with thrilling suspense. Besides stunning screenplay and brilliant performances, it also has an excellent background score.

You can watch JANAKI series on YouTube

Akkuvum Ikkuvum

This series is brilliantly shot and has garnered huge popularity. The shooting of this series took place during the COVID pandemic and its storyline portrays the lives of two seventh-standard students Akku and Ikku. You would be amazed to know that in this series Ikku is the incarnation of God in the form of a kid and this aspect of the storyline makes this series

You can watch Akkuvum Ikkuvum series on YouTube

Eastern Rock Paper Scissors

This series has a huge fan base and who shortly refer to it as RPS. This series is a women-centric series that revolves around the life of three women who belong to different groups of society and all three live together in an apartment. This series has several witty moments that keep the viewers interested all along.

You can watch Eastern Rock Paper Scissors series on YouTube

Toofan Mail

This is a brilliantly written series that beautifully depicts the relationship between a father and daughter. Watch the bond develop between them through numerous incidents that occur in their daily life makes this series very engaging and give you a warm feeling.

You can watch Toofan Mail series on YouTube

Thera Para

This series depicts the life struggles of four friends who are jobless. Watching these friends work towards solving their life problems especially their unemployment issues which would intern result in much bigger problems that give you a good laugh.

You can watch Thera Para series on YouTube

The Premier Padmini

This web series belongs to the comedy genre and is directed by Anoop Bahuleyan. It has a brilliant cast starring Comedy stars fame Azeez, Noby, Akhil, etc. This series is really fun to watch. You can stream this series on the Premier Padmini YouTube channel.

You can watch The Premier Padmini series on YouTube


This series has a clinching storyline that depicts the life of a girl who raises the child of the man she loves and this man would be enjoying his life with another woman. The plot takes a twist as the kid tries to find out about his father and sets out to meet the meaning of his identity. He needs to choose between staying with the mother who raised him or the mother who gave him birth.

You can watch Sathee series on YouTube

Love ETC (2020)

This series depicts the life of a couple and how they deal with their love and tackle several situations that occur in their life. This romantic web series has a beautiful screenplay, brilliant plot, and stunning performances, and it’s because of these aspects that this series is touching million hearts.

You can watch Love ETC series on YouTube

We are very excited to hear about your favorite Mollywood series. You can comment below and tell us how much and why you liked it?


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