Dilip Kumar Hospitalized due to ‘Illness Frequently Expected in a 98-Year-Old’

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Fans of the legendary actor Dilip Kumar are worried as the veteran actor has been hospitalized this Tuesday morning. After being diagnosed with bilateral pleural effusion, the 98-year-old actor was admitted to Mumbai’s PD Hinduja Hospital for treatment. The actor was moved to the hospital after he complained about uneasy in breathing as he felt the presence of some fluids in his lungs. The term ‘Pleural Effusion’ refers to the condition where their fluids get accumulated between the layers of the pleura outside the lungs.

Dilip Kumar Hospitalised due to ‘Illness Frequently Expected in a 98-Year-Old’

As per the report released earlier this day, the actor’s health condition was reported to be stable and he is expected to get discharged in two to three days.

Dilip Kumar’s Health Statement

Dilip Kumar’s family friend Farooqui shared an update on Kumar’s official Twitter handle. Thanking the veteran actor’s well-wishers for their prayers Farooqui tweeted

“Dilip Saab has been admitted to Hinduja Hospital, Khar to address medical issues related to illness which are frequently expected in a 98-year-old.

Your love and prayers are truly appreciated by Saab”.

Dilip Kumar’s Health Condition

Dilip Kumar/Twitter

This isn’t the first time that Dilip Kumar has been admitted to the hospital for his deteriorating health condition. He has been admitted to the same hospital on June 6 due to episodes of breathlessness.

After being diagnosed with bilateral pleural effusion which is a critical condition that leads to the build-up of excess fluid between the layers of the pleura outside the lungs, the veteran actor underwent a successful pleural aspiration procedure. After strictly monitoring his condition for five days the actor was then discharged.

Dilip Kumar’s Film Career

Dilip Kumar is a legendary actor in the Indian film industry whose career spans over five decades with hits like “Mughal-e-Azam”, “Devdas”, “Naya Daur”, and “Ram Aur Shyam”. His last big-screen appearance was in the 1998 film “Qila”.

The actor holds the record for most wins for the Filmfare Award for Best Actor. Dilip Kumar has won 14 awards- Filmfare Award in 2005, Filmfare Award in 1994, Filmfare Award in 1983, Filmfare Award in 1968, Filmfare Award in 1965, Filmfare Award in 1961, Filmfare Award in 1958, Filmfare Award in 1957, Filmfare Award in 1956, Filmfare Award in 1954, IIFA in 2004, National Award in 2006, National Award in 1994 and National Award in 1961.

Dilip Kumar is referred to as “The First Khan” and he has been credited for bringing the method acting technique to Indian cinema. For his brilliant services in the department of arts, the Government of India has honored him with the Padma Bhushan.


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