The Top 10 Indian Film Festivals!

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The society we live in today has witnessed a meteoric rise in the popularity of film festivals. Imagine you had to go somewhere in order to receive a taste of the best that global cinema has to offer, and while you were there, you were surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and settings as you savored what the movies had to offer.

The Indian film industry has experienced amazing growth over the course of the previous two decades. Not only has it been profoundly ingrained in popular culture, but the films that depict it have gotten more daring, adventurous, and original in terms of both the subject matter they explore and the technology they use.

10. Jagran Film Festival

09. Kashmir World Film Festival

08. Jaipur International Film Festival

07. Kolkata International Film Festival

06. Chennai International Film Festival

05. International Film Festival of Kerala

04. Dharamshala International Film Festival

03. Bring Your Own Film Festival

02. International Film festival of India

01. Mumbai International Film Festival

In terms of brand marketing, credibility, and the sorts of films they display compared to international equivalents in India, these film festivals will surely assist the ordinary Indian cinephile to open up to World Cinema rather than exclusively viewing mainstream Bollywood blockbusters.


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