Ma Dong-seok aka Don Lee

Ma Dong-Seok who is popularly known as Don Lee is a globally famed Korean–American actor. He is best known for his brilliant performance in the critically acclaimed film ‘Train to Busan’. With several blockbuster films to his name, he’s currently one of the most bankable actors in the South Korean film industry.

Ma Dong-Seok Early Life

Ma Dong-Seok was born on March 1st, 1971 in Seoul, South Korea. His birth name was Dong-seok. He completed his education at Columbia State University with a major in health and physical education. He started his career as a personal trainer of mixed martial artists Mark Coleman and Kevin Randleman. and after a bit of few initial struggles, he ventured into an acting career and emerged into an action star. He played the lead role in many high-grossing South Korea’s action movies and also acted as a supporting cast in many other films including Rough Play, Sense8, Kundo: Age of the Rampant, and Derailed.

Besides working in several action genre films, Don Lee has also acted in movies of a particular genre that involved criminal matters, such as detective or gangster leader.

Ma Dong-Seok Acting Career

Ma Dong-Seok ventured into acting by doing supporting roles in several films including The Neighbor, Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time, and The Unjust. His performance in these films has been reviewed well by critics and audience and from then he went on to play leading roles in Norigae, Murderer, and One on One.

Scene From His 2018 Film, ‘Champion’

Ma Dong-Seok rose to international fame with his role in the zombie film Train to Busan. Besides being a huge success this film went on to become one of the best-rated zombie films. He then portrayed leading roles in critically acclaimed films like Derailed, The Bros, and The Outlaws. All these films did good business at the box office making him one of the most bankable actors in the South Korean film industry. However, he also received criticism for portraying similar roles in multiple movies.

Ma has also taken care of the screenplay work for the film Deep Trap, in which he starred. Besides mainstream acting, Ma also worked for the small screen. His role in the hit OCN TV series Bad Guys and Squad 38 was a big hit and his performance was critically acclaimed.

“Team Gorilla” is the content planning and creation company started by Ma. This company is pacing ahead in planning and writing screenplays together with a team. Besides managing this company, He also worked as the co-creator of OCN Dramatic Cinema series Team Bulldog: Off-Duty Investigation.

Ma has been nominated for several awards and he has won the best actor award in the 2nd Korea China International Film Festival.

In 2019, he signed a contract with Marvel and he joined the cast of the Marvel Cinematic Universe film ‘The Eternals’.

Ma Dong-Seok Acting Relationship

Ma Dong-Seok isn’t married yet and in the year 2016, he was involved in a relationship with Ye Jung-Hwa who is a reporter and media personality. As of now, Ma is 50years old however, Ye Jung-Hwa is 17 years his junior.


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