At the age of 80, ‘Titanic’ and ‘Star Trek’ star David Warner dies.


David Warner, who is most known for his roles as the nefarious antagonist in The Omen (1976) and the cunning valet in Titanic (1997), passed away due to an illness associated with cancer.

David Warner, a veteran British actor who had roles in a number of films that became famous throughout the course of their careers, passed away on Friday at the age of 80. The actor had a distinguished career that spanned many years, and throughout that time, he appeared in a number of well-known villainous supporting roles in films such as Titanic and Tron. According to reports from CNN, Warner’s family announced in a statement that he passed away as a result of “cancer-related sickness.”

Warner, who was typically cast as the antagonist, starred in the films Straw Dogs (1971), The Omen (1976), and Time After Time (1979), in which he played Jack the Ripper; Titanic (1997), in which he played the wicked valet Spicer Lovejoy; Straw Dogs (1971) was released in 1971; The Omen (1976) was released in 1976, and Time After Time (1979) was released in 1979.

According to his relatives, the actor had been ill for the last 18 months and “approached his condition with the trademark elegance and dignity” that he had displayed throughout his life. During the course of his career, which spanned more than 50 years, Warner appeared in a wide variety of films, including some that went on to earn Academy Awards as well as enduring horror classics.

David Warner’s last appearance in Mary Poppins Returns, which was released in 2018, had one of the last film cameos by Admiral Boom, who had previously served as a military commander.


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