Dasara teaser is now out: Nani’s action drama has the vibe of Pushpa

Dasara Movie Teaser

Dasara teaser is now out: Nani’s action drama has the vibe of Pushpa

Nani will soon be seen in Dasara, which is expected to be one of his most important flicks. The film has gotten a lot of attention since it depicts the Natural Star in a tough new persona. Dasara’s official teaser is now available. It delivers a punch and is a delight for his devoted followers. Srikanth Odela directed the action drama Dasara. Sudhakar Cherukuri is the man behind the camera.


Nani is preparing for the release of Dasara, in which he appears in a new avatar. On Monday, January 30, the celebrity released an official teaser to spark fans’ interest. In it, he is shown in a mass look that is sure to generate a lot of excitement among moviegoers.

The teaser’s background soundtrack by Santosh Narayanan feels fresh and stays true to the raw and rustic mood. The images are dark and have an uncanny feel to them. The last photo of Nani with a knife in his mouth seems lethal.

The teaser focuses mostly on Nani’s characterisation and the visual component of it, as well as the length of the film. We are not introduced to the major narrative or the conflict. A lot will rely on the emotional drive and what the narrative and script have to give.

Nani’s Dharani seems to exhibit all of the qualities that one could identify with a bold and reckless young guy with a major drinking problem, not only drinking. He enjoys violence and has no qualms about using it. Nani’s working-class hero, apparently battling against strong individuals from higher social classes, is reminiscent of Allu Arjun’s Pushpa Raj. Only Dasara seems to be Pushpa on speed.

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