DJ Tillu Will Have The Second Part


Sidhu Jonnalagadda, best known for “Guntur Talkies,” made his debut with “DJ Tillu.” The second wave of the pandemic saw a deluge of Telugu films, but this one stood out. In this film, Siddhu’s comedic timing and literary prowess were acknowledged.

Siddhu has rejected a couple of proposals after the film’s success. In one film, he’s a villain; in the other, he’s the protagonist. Sithara Entertainments, who produced the previous part, is sponsoring “DJ Tillu, Part 2.” Siddhu and his colleagues are almost done with the script.

Siddhu will need to come up with a fresh plot for the second installment of the Tillu film series because the idea of the first film has already been explored in its entirety. It has been whispered that Dj Tillu Part 2 would introduce a fresh heroine into the mix.


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