Park Jimin, the lead singer of BTS, made his solo debut in February.

Park Jimin, the lead singer of BTS, will make his solo debut in February.

Jimin, BTS’s singer, is set to make his solo debut in February. Big Hit, BTS’s agency, responded to the story by stating, “The timetable will be disclosed after it is completed.”

Jimin recently released his collaboration ‘Vibe’ with Big Bang’s Taeyang, which sparked outrage since he did not get sufficient credit for the song on streaming services. After J-Hope, Jin, and RM, Jimin will be the fourth member of BTS to debut solo material.

According to a K-media report, a source from BTS’s agency BIGHIT Music said, “The [release] timeline will be released once it is completed.” Jimin has been working on solo songs for quite some time, and ARMY is eager to hear what the BTS singer has in store for them. If images on social media are any indication, Jimin has likely cooperated with a number of musicians for his solo album. Details will be released in due course.

Before VIBE, Jimin released an OST called With You, which he collaborated on with Ha Sungwoon. The soundtrack was created for the K-drama Our Blues.

It was previously said that Suga will be the next member of BTS to debut solo songs. However, it seems that Jimin is kicking off the solo album release for BTS members this year.

In a statement, the French House said, “Jimin, the singer, dancer, and composer of 21st-century pop legend BTS, has been named a Dior global ambassador. This extraordinary link cements his partnership with the house and Kim Jones, who created the stage attire of his band BTS in 2019. With a timeless signature, the South Korean artist fresh epitomises the essence and individuality of Dior style contemporary.”

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