Stranger Things meets “Maestro Ilaiyaraaja” in this viral promo video.


A video shared by Ilayaraja on Twitter has gone viral on the internet. Along with the video on his Twitter, he said, “Raja Kaiya Vachcha, it did not go strange.”

R. Gnanathesikan, Gnanathesikan, Ilayaraja, Maestro, Isaignani, Raasaiya, Isaignani are other names for Ilaiyaraaja. Ilaiyaraaja Raja is an Indian musician, lyricist, and songwriter. Ilayaraja has composed tens of thousands of songs for over 1,000 films. He’s currently scoring 10 movies, including Vetrimaran. Ilayaraja has followers in countries all over the world outside Tamil Nadu and India. Ilayaraja has hosted several of its performances worldwide.

The popular Netflix series “Stranger Things” has fans all around the world. Currently, both the Tamil and Telugu versions of the series can be seen on Netflix. It has now made an announcement about this matter. A video advertisement for the series was just released lately. Ilayaraja composed the score for the video.

The guys playing in the computer center are featured in the commercial. After that, the energy is transferred to a fantastical realm, where the young king and his band are composing music together. Ilayaraja is responsible for the composition of this video’s theme music, which is now being viewed by a large number of people.


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