The first glimpses of Princess Peach, Rainbow Road, and Donkey Kong from the upcoming “Super Mario Bros.” film are all in the teaser.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie | Illumination | Nintendo

Nintendo released a new teaser for The Super Mario Bros. Movie, offering us another glimpse at the film and another chance to hear Chris Pratt’s performance as the definitive pixelated plumber. Also, we heard Anya Taylor-interpretation Joy’s of the Mushroom Monarch and got our first official look at Donkey Kong and Princess Peach.

After a month, we’re receiving a second trailer. After the initial trailer, promotional materials leaked, which may have slowed the release timeline. Ironically, before today’s presentation, movie posters were released, showing more of Toad, Luigi, and Princess Peach.

After the previous teaser’s uproar over Chris Pratt‘s strange Mario accent, the second trailer showcases additional Mushroom Kingdom residents. Mario fights Donkey Kong in a gigantic gladiator arena alongside Toad (Keegan-Michael Key), Princess Peach, and a Cranky Kong-like monkey (Fred Armisen). Like “Super Smash Bros.”, Donkey Kong thrashes Mario.

Beautiful colours and smooth motion characterise the animation, and references to previous Mario games are a nice touch. It’s amusing to imagine Mario in the role of an inexperienced rookie. As for whether or not Super Mario Bros. is going to be worth your time and money, we won’t know until April 7th, 2023.

Now that Universal Pictures has released the trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie in a variety of international outlets, we’ve compiled a sampling of the dubbed versions to hear how the characters of the Mushroom Kingdom were portrayed in various languages.


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