Tom Alter

Tom Alter


Tom Alter is also known as Thomas Beach Alter is an Actor from India. Age 67 years (22 June 1950) born in Uttarakhand, India. So far Tom Alter has worked in Bollywood and Mollywood entertainment industries and his artwork has been released in Hindi and Malayalam language movies. Tom Alter died on 29 September 2017.

Biography Facts

Name Tom Alter
Other Names Thomas Beach Alter
Occupation Actor
Gender Male
Date of Birth 22 June 1950
Birth Place Uttarakhand, India
Residence India
Date of Death 29 September 2017
Died 5 Years 5 Months and 26 Days Ago
Age 67 Years
Weight (Approx.)
Nationality (Country) India


Father Jim Alter
Mother Barry Alter
Spouse (Wife) Carol Evans (m.1977)
Children Afshaan Alter,
Jamie Alter
Siblings Martha Chen,
John Alter

Movies & Television


M Cream

M Cream

Mr Bhardwaj

2016 (Bollywood)


the Imam

2015 (Bollywood)
Honour Killing

Honour Killing

Mr. Smith

2014 (Bollywood)
Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi

Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi

2012 (Bollywood)